10 reasons to call a builder during DIY stage builds

Builders have many different roles, not just the role of building homes and furniture. They are equally important when implementing change on your stage or backstage areas.

They can apply for permits on your behalf, give you advice about materials to use for certain jobs and give you advice about the design plans you may have and whether your home structure is suitable or not.

If you are considering building something yourself, you should always consult with a professional builder before. It doesn’t matter if the renovation is for DIY property sales or building out a new part of your stage – you want to make sure the build is safe and secure.

10 reasons to call a builder during DIY stage builds2

Here are our top 10 reasons for why you should consult a builder:

  • Builders can tell you what walls are weight-bearing. This is important if you pull down a weight-bearing wall or beam you can risk the ceiling falling in causing danger to people in your home and expensive damages to your home.

  • Before you commence any work check with your local building contractors about your local laws. Some states require a shed to be a certain distance away from a home or fence line. If you go ahead without knowing the restrictions and rules you may be asked to remove what you have constructed wasting your time, effort and money already spent.

  • Speaking to a builder about plans you have can help with an estimate of the pricing to give you an idea of what price range you are looking at.

  • There can be pipes and water lines in your backyard seeking the advice from a builder as to where you can build can eliminate damages you may create by not seeking advice.

  • Not sure about the materials to use? Builders are experienced in good quality materials and the right materials for the job you need to be done. Don’t waste money buying the wrong materials.

  • There are certain regulations when it comes to inside the home like you must have ventilation ports in your home, a certain amount of smoke detectors depending on the size of your home.

  • You will need to get some sort of insurance when you are undertaking work. You need to speak to a builder about what insurance will suit you and if the builder is undertaking any work at your home you need to ensure he has insurance as well.

  • Builders are there for you to call if you have a general enquiry or you want some recommendations on tilers to use or plumbers that are reliable.

  • If you need photos for your insurance company or for any progress reports or permits a builder can take care of those for you. This is particularly important if you’re aiming for a no agent property sale – you want to make sure everything is in order for the next tenants.

  • In certain areas, there are laws that state when you can commence work and when you need to stop. These times differ on the weekends and require you make noise at a later time than during the week. Call you local builder to find out about the noise regulations and times to ensure you don’t face any fines.

Renovating a staging area can be exciting and a very interesting journey of highs and lows. Be sure to keep in regular contact with a builder of your choice and if you are unsure of anything be sure to check with them first to be on the safe side.